Friday, October 8, 2010

Wooden Names By Amy's Sister Ariane

I saw these on my sister's personal family blog and thought  "I want to feature those on my craft blog."  They are soooo cute, and will be wonderful for the kids rooms when they are able to get into their next home.  Right now she is living with my mom while her husband finishes basic training.  He will be done next week and she is coming to visit me after his graduation.  I am super excited.  But enough about me and my family. 

Here is basically what she emailed me about how to make them:
Kate's I did with Modge Podge and just tore up pieces of paper and glued them on the letters. I found the letters at Michael's, already painted white, with the stands. Otto's I just cut out the letters in the paper and glued them on. Kate's flowers are just wound on the pegs and Otto's wooden truck and helicopter are glued on. I found the truck and helicopter at Michael's also and painted them myself. It was a really easy job. Took me about an hour once I started, minus the time drying. The kids love them.

I'm pretty lucky to have creative sisters.  They always inspire me to want to try something new.  Hope these cute name signs make you smile.Photobucket

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