Sunday, November 3, 2013

Runner's Medal Board

YES, WE are still alive and we've been up to ALL sorts of crafting...unfortunately, we have been so busy making stuff that we haven't had time to blog about any of it. {maybe one day we will get it all updated on here}. For now, I have a project that I want to share:

I wanted to make a board to hold my running bibs and medals {even though I only have one right now, I am planning on getting more!}. I looked on Pinterest and got a few ideas, but I wanted it to be a little different so I made a few changes, of course....I can never leave well enough alone!!!

I started with a piece of pine that is 36" long and 5 1/2" tall. I took a chisel and roughed up the edges of my wood and then painted my board all black. After it dried, I painted it with two or three coats of turquoise. I love how the black shows through in the spots where I chiseled it. {I tried not to get the turquoise in those spots too much so I didn't have to sand them out}.

I also sanded the edges and then painted them with a little black paint on my finger. {Just to emphasize the black a little more}.

Then I had to do some math and figure out how it was all going to work....and I had to find knobs that would work for my medals {I didn't want just nails}, I wanted something different. I found these knobs at Wal-mart and they were PERFECT! {They were about $6 per package and I needed 3 of them}.

Amy helped me cut out the vinyl on the Silhouette, it says

"The miracle isn't that I finished, it's that I had the courage to start" 

I LOVE how it turned out!!

I just measured our bibs and left about 8" on each end for the clips and the bibs, I put the knobs 2 1/2" apart across the board and got 6 knobs on it. 

I had originally planned to hang it in our living room above the desk, but I didn't like it there so we decided to hang it up in our bedroom {good thing it's turquoise too}. We LOVE it, and can't wait to fill it up with bibs and medals!!

And No, Jason hasn't run any races yet, but we are registered for the Downers Grove Turkey Trot together on Thanksgiving morning!! Should be fun. 


A couple aprons {ok, maybe 7}

I ALWAYS get carried away.....ALWAYS!!!!

I needed to make ONE apron for a friend....and I ended up making SEVEN!!! Yes, I have a problem! I should open a factory!! I LOVE how they all turned out!!


Take an apron you like {I used two different ones to get exactly what I wanted} lay apron on top of fabric you wish to use. Pin to keep in place. Cut exact pattern ADDING 1" to each side. {I didn't add to the bottom because I didn't want my apron any longer and I knew I would be adding the ruffle.}

From coordinating fabric cut the following pieces:

5 - 5" x 45" {2 for ties, 1 for ruffle}
1 - 4" x 22" {neck strap}
1 - 3" x width of apron {strip at top}
1 - 2" x width of apron {strip at bottom to cover ruffles}
1 - 8" x 16" {pocket}

Cut out apron and serge all around the edges. 

Cut all extra pieces. Sew the straps, turn and iron. 

I just serge all the ruffles and then ruffle hem with my ruffler. 

I surged the bottom ruffle on the apron, and then sewed the ruffles 1"-2" away from each other. {depending on your style, I did one of each and like the 2" better}.

Sew the neck strap together and finish the ends. 

Sew the pocket together, turn and iron. 

Assemble the apron as desired. 


1 - 24x13" canvas/duck cloth/denim {this will be the back piece that you won't see
7 - 5" x WOF - 5 ruffles and 2 for the ties.

Serge the bottom of all the ruffles and ruffle the top edge. Sew the two ties together and then sew them in a long tube, turn and iron. 

Serge the bottom ruffle onto the piece of canvas. Sew with a zig zag stitch the other 4 ruffles 3" apart all the way up the canvas.

Sew the strap on the top of the apron making sure you cover up the top of the first ruffle and keep in lined up with the top of the canvas. 


A few vinyl projects

Amy helped me cut out some vinyl for a few projects and I wanted to share them with you...I found the original idea for this on Pinterest and just tweeked it a little bit {of course I did}. I wanted a shirt like this after the half marathon and knew that we could make it for next to nothing. LOVE how it turned out!!

I also had some vinyl that is supposed to be put on a board to measure your kids growth, but I decided to just put it right on the replace this system.....

LOVE how it looks now!! {I just used scrapbook stickers for the number and names}



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