Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Spring Wreath

Welcome Spring!  We have some unseasonable warm weather this week.  I'm afraid our 80 degrees is going to go back to 50 or 60, but we are enjoying it while it is here.  This is a little project I have been working on.

A new spring wreath for my door.  I have seen a couple I like on pinterest and decided to mimic them.  Basically I took an old wreath that had the green flowers all over it, but was loosing the flowers and tore it apart.  It had a foam circle underneath.  I wrapped it in burlap that I had cut in strips and then bought some flowers to make it spring like.  Wa-la!  I love it.

Here is one I saw for Valentine's day, but if you changed the fabric holder it could be anytime of the year.  This one is made with packing twine rather then burlap.  I like the look too.  Here is the where I got the idea from Craftaholics Annonymous.


Sunday, March 11, 2012

More Vinyl and wood

I know it seems like this is the only thing I am doing lately.  But I have another project that I have finished that I want to show you.  Just need to see if I can get a better picture of it.  Liberty wanted to make one of these "keep calm" signs and I like them but don't really love them.  One day I saw someone do one with Trust God and I was hooked.  So I made this one.  It isn't the best picture of it.  The background is a nice gray and the words are a light yellow color.  I really like it a whole lot.  It fits on my wall with my other signs that remind me of what is really important.


Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Rag Quilt Craft Group Meeting

Rag Quilting Craft group will be March 16th AT THE WOODRIDGE CHURCH BUILDING at 7 pm.  We hope that this will be a fun night.  All are welcome to come even if you don't want to make quilts.  Bring a project to work on and just chat with us.

I have a work sheet for what you will need fabric wise for this project.  If you are new to making rag quilts or sewing for that matter, this is a real easy project.  It is a forgiving project and you will hopefully find it doable.

To be practical we ask that you make either a baby or toddler size quilt.  They are quick and you will find much sucess.  I will give you information for other size quilts and you can make those another time.


Toddler size Quilt (40 inch by 60 inch) – Need about 4 to 5 yards of fabricBased on how many fabrics you want in your quilt will determine how much of each.  (Example – 2 fabrics buy 2 ½ yards of two colors, 4 fabrics = 1 to 1 ¼ yard of each)  Best to use flannel or other fabric that frays really well.

Baby size 30 inch by 36 inch– uses about 2 ½ yards total – 1 ¼ of 2 fabrics

Toddler size about 40 inch x 60 inch

Baby Size about 30 inch x 36 inch

Here is a link to instructions how to construct a rag quilt along with a guide to making larger quilts.  Click on EASY FLANNEL RAG QUILT INSTRUCTIONS to get this information.

We will be probably only be able to get the flannel cut out that night.  We will plan a second night to do the next steps. To cut the flannel we will need to have rotary cutters, self healing mats and long rulers.  Liberty and I both have these items.  Please bring them to this meeting if you have one.  You don't need to go out and buy these items.  Any questions please email me.



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