Thursday, October 21, 2010

Mini Fabric Pumpkins

After making some more fabric pumpkins for our craft group class I figured I would make a couple of these cute pumpkins.  They are not very big.  I found the idea on Family Fun crafts.  They are super easy and don't require much then a scrap of fabric, thread and a stick from outside.  I think my circle I began with was about 9 or 10 inches.  They turned out pretty cute.  I haven't glued the sticks in yet but they seem to be holding.  They used a plastic bag to fill the pumpkins but I chose to use the stuffing I used to make our pumpkins.

Do you like them?  I sure do.  Although I need to stop making pumpkins and fall decorations, I am running out of room to put them.  I may have to look through what I have and get rid of some things.  Oh, well, it is so much fun to make things like this.


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