Saturday, July 24, 2010

Neck Coolers

I found this idea on "Little Birdie Secrets" {follow the link for all the instructions!} and thought....since I am leaving for girls camp on Monday morning...and our heat index yesterday was 105 degrees....maybe I should make some for me and my other leader friends. {because you know, I have nothing else on my list to do}.

I have a tenancy to continue thinking of people who I could make them for...and instead of making 2...I have to make 12. They were super easy...and I was able to get them all done in just a couple hours. I also found the ice crystals at Michael's Crafts.

They are just sitting in the fridge...waiting to go to camp. Now if I can just get everything else ready!


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tiny Tie Onesie

I've seen these ALL over crafting cyberspace and I didn't really do anything different! They are super cute and EASY. I follow THIS tutorial from Crap I've Made! {and she even includes the pattern}. I did reduce the pattern about 60% and made them on 3-6 month onesies. They are soooo cute when they are that little.

If you're having a boy {and that's about 1/2 of my friends right now} you are probably gonna get some of these cute onesies {so pretend you're surprised when you open them!}.


Monday, July 19, 2010

More Activity Bags...and Pattern information

I made a few more of these fun activity bags and thought I would included the pattern pieces for your information. The bags go together very similar to this tote bag tutorial, except the pockets are on the outside {instead of inside} of the bag. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures, I know Amy is making one so I will have her take pictures as she goes and we will add them later. Please contact one of us is you are confused.

MAIN BAG FABRIC: {half of the outside will be covered with the pockets}

CUT 2 - 13"x14" for main bag
CUT 2 - 13"x14" for inside lining
CUT 2 - 13x14" Fleece to line bag

CUT 4 - 14"x4" - for sides {2 are lining}
CUT 2 - 13"x4" - for bottom {1 is lining}


CUT 4 - 13"x7" for pockets {2 of these can be lining fabric}
CUT 2 - 13"x2" for top of pockets
CUT 4 - 4"x7" for side pockets (two of these can be lining fabric}
CUT 2 - 4"x2" for top of side pockets
OPTIONAL: Line outside pockets with thin flannel for more stability, if desired cut 2-13"x7" and 2-4"x7" of flannel.


CUT 2 - 24" x 6" for handles
CUT 2 - 24"x 2" FLEECE to line handles

OPTIONAL: I included a pocket inside from scraps that were left over. Mine was about 6"x5".

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the process....I was trying to hurry so fast, I forgot to take any. We will add them as soon as possible, but here are a couple of finished bags.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Pretty Pillowcase Dresses....

I've seen several ideas and patterns out there for "pillowcase" dresses and I thought it was something I could use to venture into sewing actual clothing {instead of just crafts}. I used this pattern I found online and mostly followed the original pattern. The only exception is that I didn't make a piece of bias fabric for the top, I added 2" to the top of the dress when I was cutting it out and just folded it over into a casing. It worked great.

They were super easy and fun to make.


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Shrug for Me

I have decided that as much as I would love to be able to design and create things without a pattern, that I cannot make clothing without a pattern.  I just feel like I am more comfortable making clothing straight from a pattern rather then trying to figure it out from another article of clothing or just straight from my head.  I read other blogs and think - oh, I can do that - and then I look at the material and think - NO YOU CAN'T.  (If you show me a craft project I would be able to figure it out, but not clothes - I think it is a mind block.)

I normally don't sew for myself because I just don't feel like I make things and that they fit right.  I always think they look homemade and I guess after years of hiding behind my fear I have begun to venture out into that realm of the "making" your own clothes.  I will confess it comes from the fact that for years I think it wasn't cool to make your own clothes or to sew.   Now it is the COOL thing to do and I have been sewing things for years and now it is soooo cool to do.  I am glad it is that way and hope it stays that way.  I think there is a quote "Necessity is the mother of invention".  (I am always quoting things wrong, but I think that is what the quote says.)  So of necessity I have created something.

I bought an outfit from the thrift store a couple of months ago.  I was looking for maternity wear and found a shirt and skirt combination that I loved.  Only problem is that the shirt is a tank.  Because I HATE what my upper arms look like and other reasons I don't need to go into here, I needed a way to adapt the top.  I have looked at many things online and wondered about how to make the top work.  Finally the other day at JoAnn's I was looking through patterns {McCalls were 99 cents}, I found this shrug pattern.

It was perfect.  I loved the view with the tie in the front.  It was perfect and would cover up the ugly upper arms and not be too hot.  So I bought some knit fabric that was similar in feel and look to the top and went home hoping that I could make this.  The fabric ended up only being about $2 after I got 40% off of it.  I thought - I can try it and if it works then wal-la I will have a fix for my outfit, and if it doesn't work - I can just throw it out.
After two days of off and on again sewing, and fighting with my new serger.  I was about ready to throw the serger out the 2nd story window.  But alas - my serger and I have reconciled and we are now on speaking terms again after it made the marvelous hem with the coverstitch.  It looks just like the inside of your t-shirt hem and it stretches just right.  Here is an example of what it looks like on white fabric {so you can see what it looks like.}
(don't mind the top stitching on the first picture - that was before I figured out where I forgot to thread my serger.)

I finished the edges with this stitch and I am sooo happy with the results.  I really love how it looks and think it will become one of my favorites.  Now I just need to figure out what to use the pattern for next.

Here is the finished product.


Monday, July 5, 2010

A sneak peak

I have started working on making a blessing dress for my baby that is due the end of November.  I saw this cute idea on homemade by jill and kept it in the back of my mind that if I were to have a girl, I would make a blessing dress with this cute pintuck design.  So I bought a remnant to try it out on and now I am excited to make the cute dress for my baby girl.  I will post pictures when I finish.  (I have to wait to use my 50% off coupon to buy the fabric since it isn't cheap, so it might be awhile.)


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