Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Last LINK

It's always good when your child is happy with his Halloween costume. This was a special request for this year.

It turned out great and he is VERY happy with it.

Do you know who Link is?? {he's from the video game Zelda}.

I started with THIS pattern, I used the shape of the top without the points at the bottom. I cut it on the fold so there is no seam down the front. I used fleece so I wouldn't have to finish every edge. There are several different versions of Link, I used the simplest one I could find. he has a shirt under the green one that looks kindof like chain, so I added a "V" at the neck and on each of the sides to make it look layered with the chain fabric.

Then I used some leather like material and made a sword holder. {it doesn't work great, but it will work for a few nights!}. The sword is kind of heavy so it pulls the holder down.

I found this cute leather bag at Hobby Lobby and Tanner made it to go with his costume.

I used the hat from the same pattern. I used fleece with fusible interfacing. I just serged the edges inside, it worked perfectly. His only complaint is that I made him get his hair cut and now it's not long enough to look like Link. {sorry!}

....add some church pants, and a pair of boots from the thrift store and you get one HAPPY LINK!

Happy Halloween! Hope it's a GREAT weekend. Stay Safe!


  1. Awesome!! Love that you finally got him to put it on and you got pictures. Way to go!!!

  2. Cameron and Austin say that is one super cool costume... they noticed all the details, especially the bomb bag.



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