Monday, October 18, 2010

Another easy blanket project

I bought a remnant fabric at garage sale this summer.  It was the really soft yellow and white fabric in this blanket.  I then bought a remnant at JoAnn's of fleece of both white and yellow.  Then the other night I thought.  I want to make that blanket.  (I have been sewing like a mad woman since this baby is coming in 2 weeks and I wanted to sew some Christmas presents before she comes.)  This project was just one of those, "hey, I don't have anything hanging over my head projects and I want something easy."  So I cut the fabric into 9 inch squares and then serged it together with the flatlock seam on my serger.  It looks like this when you pull the fabrics apart.

I'm not sure if you can see how it looks but it is a really cool seam.

I then took that same stitch and ran it all around the blanket.  I had to repair a couple of places with a zigzag stitch after it was all done but I have washed it and the seams are staying together.  It is so soft, my daughter thinks it is hers and walked around with it for a couple of hours after I made it "petting" it over and over again.  I hope that she can share it with her new sister.  (She is 5 after all.)

I think I made it in less then an hour.  It is another take on the rag quilts that Liberty loves to make.  Except you don't have to clip any seams. 

Here are a couple more pictures of it.


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