Sunday, April 4, 2010

Some Bunny New

I loved Liberty and the Oopsey Daisy Burlap Bunnies but I didn't have any burlap, didn't want to go to the store and spend any money on burlap and had LOTS of white fleece.  I figured it wouldn't hurt to try and make them out of the fleece. And suprisingly enough they turned out waaaay cute.  When I tried to paint on the bunnies with markers, paint or sharpies, it just looked fuzzy and I didn't like it.  I decided to use some embroidery floss I had in pink and black and made the faces {which turned out pretty cute.}  

 I made a special 5th bunny for our family to announce the new baby coming in the fall. 

So that might be why I am a bit sporadic in my postings.  Somedays are good (like this last week) and some days are pretty crummy (like the rest of the month.)  I am now 10 weeks along with a due date about Halloween.  SO I joke that my baby will be my little pumpkin this year.

I will also post my version of the spring wall hanging in the next couple of days.  It is done and just in time for the Easter/Spring season.

Hope you all have a Happy Easter!!


  1. Oh my dear... these are SOOOO cute!! I love how soft and fluffy they look. Like real bunnies. Congrats on your pregnancy too, by the way! Have a happy Easter and thank you so much for sharing with me!!


  2. So cute. Love the white ones and love the floss. Can't wait for the baby and all the fun stuff we can make for him/her....oh and all the fun pictures we are going to be able to take. I'll have to live vicariously through you!



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