Monday, April 5, 2010

a new laptop bag....

I got the pattern from this book {which I got at my local library} I pretty much followed the pattern in the book with a few changes {highlighted}. It was fairly easy, but there are a few things I would change next time.

The pattern I used is the City Satchel pattern. {pg 121} The front pockets are from the Caddy pattern. {pg 143}. I left the main pattern the same, EXCEPT I added 2" to the height making it 15" tall. I lined it with fleece to make it soft for my laptop and fan inside. I also added a layer of fleece in the middle for more padding.

The front pockets are great for fitting all of my plugs, cords and mouse, however they are HEAVY and droopy when they are full. I added the ribbon to help with some of the weight {next time I will actually sew it into the seams}. I also top stitched across the bottom of the pockets to help with some of the weight, but I wish i had done some more of that after I added the fleece lining so it was a little more sturdy.

I made deep pockets on the back for my project notebook {which I'm going to cover} pens, pencils and misc. stuff.

I shortened the handle about 8" making it about 36".

Overall I really like it. It's a little droopy when it's full, but it's super cute and it will work for now.




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