Monday, January 11, 2010

A Tutu for my princess

My daughter loves to dress up and so for her birthday this year I found the perfect tutu on the Idea Room website by an amazing woman named Amy.  I mean how much better can that be then someone else with that great name.  Anyway  . . .  I found this to be soooo easy to make and probably made it in less then an hour.  I bought some of the precut spools but they were white and light pink and I could barely see the difference and so I bought some of the sparkly - HOT pink to add in from the bolt.  I had to cut these but with a rotary cutter and ruler it was real quick.  I also included ribbons - they would not hold as well as the tulle and so I tied them in a knot .  It has been her favorite thing.  I cut the pieces at 6 inches by 48 inches for my 5 year old.  They seem a bit long but she will only get taller as the years go by.  {We had a bit of the static cling issue the day I wanted to take pictures.  Oh, well.}

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the very kind comment. Your tutu turned out amazing. Your daughter looks like she loves it. I like that you added in some ribbon. Thanks for the link.



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