Sunday, January 31, 2010

Keeping it real . . . a hiccup or two

Yes that is the tower to my computer. . . yes that is Barbie and her friends on the futon. . . Yes that is clothes and papers strewn everywhere. 

This last week or so has been a bit crazy for me.  I have been sick, had my father in law here and had my computer go kaput. . . we bought it a year ago and this isn't the first time we have sent it in.  I have a couple projects that I got done but I have been unable to upload them because of the above . . . yep a couple hiccups.

So here is one of the things I did . . . My husband asked me to build him a bag for his face shield . . .

So I traced around it, dug through my fabrics and came up with this . . .
It is actually made out of a fire resistant work coat that Dave didn't use or need any more.  (It didn't need to be fire resistant but it was a bunch of fabric that I wasn't going to use anytime soon.)
The main thing he needed was that it had a soft inner lining because the face shield could scratch easily and so I had some old velvet like curtains that I used as the lining.  The two greens don't match in any way, but it wasn't about the looks.  I also designed a cool pocket for the safety goggles. . .

It seemed to work for my husband and it can now sit in the back of his car and protect the face shield.

I also made a new cover for my pot handles but I will post that later.  Hopefully this week won't be so bad.  I have a couple things in the works and will be back to post them when they get done.  Of course I feel a bit out of whack without my main computer.  Thank goodness for the laptop and old computer we haven't given away.

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