Monday, February 25, 2013

Three quilts for Charity

These quilts are ready to go and when my kids are not sick we are going over to our local women's shelter to deliver them with a card talking about how quilts are like love.  Here is the card I made.  It turned out pretty cute.
I think I started some of these quilts 2 or 3 years ago.  They have been a challenge in the fact that I was trying new techniques that I was not used to.  So let me tell you a little bit about these quilts.
The light green one was an experiment.  I think I bought the fabric over 5 years ago.  Then a couple years ago when we were making quilts for a Relief Society project I think I started it.  I wanted to try making blocks on a quilt.  The fabric is from my grandmother's stash.  After she died I was able to gather some of the fabric in hopes that one day I would make quilts like grandma.  Maybe one day I will but for now I am an amateur.  After piecing the top together I experimented with a quilting technique.  I was trying to use many of the fancy stitches on my machine and just played around with it.  I decided to do some free motion quilting but I didn't like doing it with my machine.  And so there it set for a couple years waiting for me to finish.  Finally I decided it needed to be done and so I figured out that Kirsten's sewing machine has a free motion foot and it fits on my machine.  So I was able to free motion the squares that were green.  It turned out okay.  I have a long way to go on my free motion quilting but it is kind of cute and has a unique look to it.  I added a premade binding and it turned out okay.

For these two quilts I used a couple different techniques.  I sometimes watch the show Fon's and Porter on PBS.  I love the idea of making a quilt but lack the confidence to do more then very simple quilts.  Years ago I used a technique from the Bend the Rules sewing Book and made a couple lap quilts by piecing together strips.  But as I was watching the show Fon's and Porter I saw them demonstrate a quilt made on the serger.  The Serger Ruffle Quilt seemed a fairly easy way to make a quilt and so I thought I would make these quilts into that.  It is fairly straight forward but I found there were a couple problems with quilting with the serger.  Mainly that you are going over 6 layers of fabric and batting.  My machine did it fine but I found that sometimes I would not catch one layer.
So I ended up having to modify how I did it.  After I would serge one layer I would have to cut the layers to match up all three layers before adding the next layer. 
I then would move the new piece on top over about a 1/4 of an inch to insure that it would get sewn into the seam.  After that I picked up all of the fabric into the seam and didn't have problems. 
 It took a little longer then I expected but they turned out pretty and cute.  Of course I love the pink and purple one but the purple and green one has grown on me. 

For binding the quilt I found a tutorial that showed you how to bind it all on the sewing machine. The tutorial is here Quilt Binding tutorial.  That saved me hours of time that I would have to sew it by hand.  I think it turned out pretty nice too.
I found somewhere where someone had wound their binding onto an old thread spool.

  I liked the idea and I was even able to put it on my second thread holder while I was adding it to the quilt.  It moved smoothly and made it easy to put on.  Just one of those things that made the binding part easier.  I cut all my binding from scraps.  I like using scraps for binding, it adds color and fun to the binding.

Hope you enjoy and I hope those at the shelter can feel the love I put in to these blankets.


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  1. Those quilts are so cute AMY! What a sweet idea, they will surely be a treasure to someone!



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