Monday, April 1, 2013

Vinyl and Easter Eggs

Do you wonder where I am going with this?  As we were dyeing our eggs last weekend, I decided that I had some leftover shapes from previous vinyl projects and thought I might try using the vinyl on the eggs, then dye them and then peel off the vinyl.  It worked perfect.

Next year I think I will cut out more shapes and maybe try some stripes or something.  The kids thought it was awesome.  The first two I just put the shape on the white egg, but the last one I colored the egg, let it dry, and then put the vinyl on and dipped it in the next color.  I was the cool mom and that point.  (Good thing we cooked a couple dozen eggs or we wouldn't have so many cool designs.)

If you plan on doing this, to get a really clean shape you need to make sure the egg is dry and that you have rubbed it on pretty good.  Any place you don't rub it on well enough will leak the dye in.  You can see it on the purple one.  I probably didn't let it dry long enough.  I was too excited.  Another thing is that the smaller the shape the better it holds on and doesn't have to curve over the egg.  So use smaller shapes like the star and the heart in the middle. 

Here is a snowflake that I found and put on.  It actually worked better then I thought.  If we hadn't been almost done, I would have whipped out my Silhouette and made some cool designs.  Next year we will have the coolest eggs on the block.  I almost can't wait, except that I don't want to do winter over, I am so ready for spring!!


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