Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kindness Inspires Kindness

One of my goals for this year is to do 12 Acts of Kindness in 12 Months.  My plan is to do one act of kindness each month.  It seems like a doable thing.  It was all inspired by a post I read on the blog Power of Moms, the specific post was a podcast about a lady named Amy who decided that for her 40th birthday she would do 40 acts of kindness.  After I read the post I WANTED to do this.  But I had passed my 40th birthday and I wasn't sure if I could do 40 acts of kindness in one year so I put it down to my size - 12 in 12 months.  That meant I only needed to do one act of kindness each month.  That seemed doable and I was off. 
I had just reorganized my craftroom and found 3 quilts in various stages of being done and so I set about to get all 3 done and donate to my local women's shelter.  BUT time was working against me and the end of January was fast approaching.  I felt frustrated and unsure if I really wanted to do this.  Then an opportunity fell in my lap.
A young girl at our church has heterotaxy syndrome among other numerous problems.  A fund has been set up in her name to help the family to pay for the many hospital bills that occur monthly.  If you want to read more or contribute to her family here is a link to her website - Helping Hallie
I decided that I would make my Act of Kindness to make a donation to her fund.  It wasn't much but it was a start to my 12 acts of kindness.
12 Acts of Kindness
JAN: Donation to Helping Hallie
FEB:  I was able to complete all three quilts for the local women's shelter.  Now I just need to make an appointment or find out when I can deliver them.  I will show you the quilts and give you some of the info about how they were made in a follow-up post.  I had some good times and some struggles getting them done.

MARCH:  My plan for March is to deliver to an assisted living center fabric flowers for Easter.  I am hoping to make somewhere in the range of 30 to 50 flowers.  I am going to ask my craft group to help and hope that we can take them before Easter with my family and any others that may want to come to the residents.  I will make them with alligator clips so there is no worry about pinning the residents. 

This was going to happen in April and then I realized that Easter is the last Sunday in March again.  Ugh, I guess I will work hard to get this done.  Now I am done with the quilts, I should have plenty of time.  (Said with a laugh.)

Here is a collage of the type of flowers I want to take.  Really I don't care which kind and actually think it might be fun to make different kinds.  I have fabric I can make some of these with and hope that I can make many of them without purchasing much extra fabric.

April:  For April I am going to walk a 5K for charity.  Our county has a race called the Human Race.  It is where runners or walkers can support any local charity.  I have decided that I want to try and raise $360 dollars for the West Suburban Community Pantry.  Why $360?  Well for $360 they can buy a ton of food.  So that is the number that came to my head.  If you would like to help by donating a little bit you can either use my paypal account under amy (dot) kirstensmom (at) gmail (dot) com or send me a message for my address.  Every little bit counts.

Now I hope that I can find other acts of kindness I can do through out the year and hope that by being kind I can inspire kindness in my family and in the community.


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