Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A little vinyl, some paint and wood

I noticed I hadn't posted some things that were made a little while ago, but then I realized we hadn't had much sun lately and I hate taking pictures when I know they aren't getting natural light.  (I am not an expert photographer but I know some times I can make my pictures look better by using natural light.)

So I have been playing around with my vinyl and my new cricut machine.  Liberty and I got together a couple of weeks ago and made these cute signs.  There are reversible  - since that makes it easier for storage.  We made these two.

 And then these two:

( I love the flower and the bling on this spring one.)

Then after a sucessful craft group and making snowmen, I was left with a bunch of smaller sized blocks.  So I decided to use up some of my vinyl and the blocks and to make a couple of words to put up around the house.  I thought I would make it a family affair and the kids and I spent an afternoon making these.




(I showed him conversation hearts online and this is what words he wanted.  I also let him decide what colors to make it.)

I think they turned out pretty cute.  Now I have a million ideas running through my head.  Hopefully I will be able to do a couple of them.  I have wood waiting in the garage that I need Dave to teach me how to use his table saw, so I can cut it and other things in the future.  I might even have him teach me how to use the router.  (I'm not afraid of power tools and I like to use them. Except the bandsaw - it isn't my favorite.)


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  1. I love your "Lucky" and "Be Mine" blocks. I wouldn't mind making something like that if you had extra wood and supplies I could pay you to use. If you still have any extra "Love" vinyl, I would be interested in that, too. I want to redo my "Love" blocks.



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