Thursday, February 9, 2012

Craft group Cricut Tutorial Day

Today was our craft group all Cricut Tutorial Meeting.  We had a great time learning the basics of cutting with our Cricut Machine, mat care, favorite cartridges and how to use Cricut Craftroom.  I am going to consolidate our meeting and give you some basics that might help you if you were not able to come.  Meagan was a wonderful hostess and she let us make a really fun card that we used our Cricut machine to cut out the words.  Isn't this card so cute?  (Sorry it looks a little blurry - must be my wonderful photography skills.)

 cartridge used doodletype

Amy created a table of cutting helps that she collected from different sources off the Internet.  Of course you have to figure out what works best on your machine.  But here is a general guide for most things you might use.  It is extremely helpful if you use Cricut Craftroom since there is no guide to where to put your settings on.

Click HERE to download a word file or
HERE to download it in a PDF file

Amy and Meagan both have used the Cricut Craftroom and love it.  Amy doesn't even know how to use all the bells and whistles on her new Expressions 2 since she almost always uses the craftroom to make things.  Just as an example of things you can use the craftroom to make I am posting a couple of my latest projects using my Cricut and Craftroom.

For Valentine's Day
Edited to add: Here is a link to the inspiration - she also has a printable if you want. CLICK HERE.


For the 4th of July (on the back of the Valentine's on above ) 
Edited to add: Here is the link to my inspiration -- some of it is exactly as she did it but some is my own ideas.  CLICK HERE

And for my Daughter (and also for my son - not finished yet) a board to put in their rooms to remind them about who they are and how important they are.

And because my girls have hundreds of bows that needed a home - I created this cute one.  The ribbons will hold the many bows and ribbons that they have.  It needs a staple gun and you would think we have one - BUT no, not one that won't send the staples all the way through the wood board.  (I have to borrow one and then I can show you this on the wall in the Girl's room, with the bow extravaganza.)

Any way just a couple of notes from the class that I thought might be helpful. 
Meagan's Favorite cartridges -
Amy's Favorites-
Cricut Craftroom Helps

First go to Cricut Craftroom and download the appropriate version for your computer, you will also have to open an account.  Just remember what ever computer you are going to use with the Cricut is the one of the computers you want to download it to.  You will also need to update the Firmware on your cricut and that will require you to hook your computer to the Cricut machine.  (You will need a USB cord with an end that will fit into your Cricut - some come with them, others you might be able to buy a printer cable cord.  Check the back of your machine to see what slot it goes in. You might find more information on the website, it has been a couple months since I did this.)  They are really helpful if you need help, look on the website to find a phone number.

Meagan and I find that you need to have patience while you are trying to get all this done.  Although the Craftroom is really cool it is still a bit temperamental - so don't expect to do all of this quickly.  Especially if you are trying to get that project done before tomorrow.  Find a time when you can work with it and it will probably all go smoothly - despite what we say.

Second go to the Main Page - It is really helpful to go through each of the tutorials and figure out how to use craftroom.  It is really worth your time. 

Lastly - play around with it.  I go in there and design things like the 4th of July subway art I made, I just played with different fonts and different things to make it look how I did.  I guess what I am saying is play with it so you can feel comfortable with it and when you are in a crunch and trying to make that project for tomorrow - you will be able to do it without as many problems.

**I noticed today while researching the information that Cricut is now selling the cartridges in a digital form that loads right into your Craftroom account.  I think they are $39.99 each.   Much better then the original price of $90 that they retail for.  I guess that is better.  We will have to see if they come down in price.

Which reminds me that we talked about places to get cartridges from.

To Buy- check out Amazon, Custom crops, or Cricut or Meagan suggested just putting in the name at google and finding what comes up.

For Vinyl - I like Expressions Vinyl or if you are in a pinch sometimes JoAnn's will let you use a 40% off coupon if they are not on sale.

Okay if you got this far down then you should win a prize.   I am going to order vinyl in the next couple of days and I will be giving a 12x24 piece of vinyl in either black or white away.  Just leave your name and a way to contact you - an email or if I know you from craftgroup then I probably have your email.  This is open to anyone.  Let me know if you want black or white.  This will close on Saturday February 18th.



  1. wish i could have been there today! thanks for the cutting's things like that that I really need to know because a lot of my learning with my machine has been trial and error...with a lot of error... :)

    if i win - black or white vinyl is cool with me...i'm not'll have to show me how to use it!

  2. THANKS AMY AND MEAGAN! I learned a lot, and had fun visiting with you! When is they next craft day?!?!?

  3. THanks for all the tips, I would love some white vinyl!

  4. "Amy created a table of cutting helps that she collected from different sources off the Internet." Really? Because that's my exact cutting guide that I created and posted on the Cricut message board several years ago. . .with just a different font! SMH.

  5. Wow, Honestly I don't remember how I made it. I can link it to you if you have it somewhere or if you want me to take it down, then I am happy to. I am not sure why I didn't link to it, but this is over 2 years ago and I don't even own a Cricut machine anymore. So let me know if you want me to take it off my sight. I can do that.



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