Saturday, November 12, 2011

A nursing cover with a twist

One of my friends called me the other day just before her baby was born and asked me for what she would need for a nursing cover.  As we talked I realized that her baby was going to be born in the next couple of days and that in reality she would probably get it done just before he turned 1.  Okay maybe I would have got it done if I were her by the time my baby was one.  So I offered to make it for her, especially since I hadn't started something for her yet.  I used the tutorial from Sew Much Ado for the instructions on how to make it.  

I bought the fabric at Hobby Lobby and decided since it was a little thin that I might need to make it double thickness.  I really thought it would be fun to bring some of the pattern on to the front and so I decided that I would do that.  I guess I could have just cut strips of fabric and done it that way but I decided that I wanted to try one of those self-binding blanket tutorials on it.  I was a bit nervous since I had never done it before and instead of a square like most blankets this was going to be a rectangle.

Here is the tutorial I found for the Self-binding blanket.  My measurements were:
Main fabric: 25 inches by 35 inches
Coordinating/Back fabric: 35 inches by 45 inches

I pretty much followed the tutorial at Self-binding blanket to the point where you are ready to sew around the "binding".  Before I did that I sewed the boning into the top portion and added the
straps to the top.  I closed it up by sewing around like the tutoral for the blanket says.  It ended up pretty cute.  I had enough fabric left over to make diaper and wipes container holder.  I hope she enjoys it.

Here is a second picture to show you it a little closer.  (I tried to model it but I didn't have a baby to put under and my photographer was only 4 years old.


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