Saturday, October 29, 2011

Mummy Jars

Have you been on Pinterest?

If you need an invite, let me know. {but I'm going to warn you that it's VERY addictive!!!}
If you had been there, you would see that there are 100's of Mummy Jar Ideas. I LOVE them.

 My friend MaryRuth made some and emailed me a picture a few days ago and I HAD to make some before Halloween was here. They are SOOOO easy!!!! {I made two sets of these in less than 30 minutes and for about $2}. I got the LED battery candles. {in the Christmas section at Walmart}

Take old canning jars {or pickle jars, or baby food jars, the possibilities are endless}
get sterile medical gauze that you can buy at walmart (in the pharmacy section)
and then you paint modge podge
all over the bottle
start at the bottom
and start wrapping
you'll need to put
modge podge between the layers of gauze
you only do one layer of gauze
but slightly overlap each layer
and then when its all how you like it
you paint a layer of modge podge on top of the whole thing really quick
and then glue on googly eyes {I like the big ones on the big bottles} with even more modge podged. {or E6000}
that's it.

I stretched and frayed my gauze a little to make it a little more messy. Then add candles. Tea lights or battery LED ones. SOOOOO cute!!! and SO easy to make! Go ahead make 100 of them.



  1. I love these Mummy Jars! I came across your photo from a Google Image search. I pinned it, and I am writing a post on my own (easier) version of Mummy Jars. I am including a link to this post since this was my inspiration. Thank you!



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