Saturday, November 19, 2011

Family Wood blocks

So I have had these blocks for a long time.  If I had realized I didn't have a before picture then I would have taken one of them.  But think "toll" painting.  Mainly each letter a different color in a blue, brown, burgundy pattern (ABC for those with primary grade kids) and splattered with black and white paint.  Really cute but they didn't match my decor and I was "tired" of the look.  Then while I was in Utah over the summer I saw that my sister-in-law had painted hers all black.  It looked awesome and matched her frames so great.  I decided that I was going to do that when I got home. 

Well almost 5 months after we got home and I finally got around to it.  I decided after making my Be Thankful sign last month that I LOVED the pattern and coloring of the paper.  I ran back to Micheals and bought more so I could mod podge the paper on my family blocks.  I sanded the old paint off and painted the sides black.  Mod podged the paper on and then did a little smudge on the sides of the letters to make it look a little messy.  I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE how they turned out.  It only took me a little bit of time and it looks awesome.  It is even better that I didn't have to touch the heart.  It matched perfectly and give it a nice look.  It also matches my frames - they are black and burgundy.

Sorry about the glare on the pictures, I tried not to but the reflection just happened in all my pictures.  Plus it was finally a nice day with sunshine since this room doesn't get much "good" light for taking pictures.

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