Wednesday, November 3, 2010

One hat, two hat, pink hat, pumpkin hat???

Here is the beautiful model wearing her pink hat.  I have to say the nurses loved it and all wanted to know how to make one.  Thanks Liberty for making her the star of the show!!!

Then for Halloween I pulled out this one.

Isn't my pumpkin so cute???  She was supposed to be dressed up as a little black cat but she never really liked the cat hat I had for her, but she didn't mind wearing this cute little number.

I have to say although I can make many things from fabric and yarn, I think this little girl is numbered among my most favorite creations.  She is so sweet and everyone loves her from the minute they meet her.  I'm glad that this creation is over and now on to dressing her up and making her one of the cutest little girls I know.

For the instructions on how to make them here is the post that Liberty put all the links in.  Enjoy!!

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  1. OMG! She is so cute....and I love the hat!



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