Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Jingle All the Way......

I was asked to teach a class at the library...we are making Jingle Bell Wreaths. They are super easy and turned out super cute. I will give you a few instructions {but they are really self explanatory!}

Cut a piece of bailing wire {really thick wire} about 34" long. Make a hook at one end.

Buy 2 packages of 1" bells - {I got mine at Hobby Lobby}. You need about 50 bells.

Thread all the bells onto the wire. You will want to shake them a little to get them as close as possible. When you get to the end, make another hook and hook the two end pieces together. This is the hardest part, make sure you get it as tight as possible.

Make a pretty bow. Add to wreath and you are finished. You can also add a loop to hang the wreath from or hang it from a doorknob.


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