Sunday, December 15, 2013

Burlap {or mesh} Wreaths

Our friend Meagan took over one of our craft classes and taught us how to make these AWESOME burlap wreaths....we made all sizes, shapes and colors...we might have gone a LITTLE crazy, but they all turned out SO cute! Because Meagan already wrote up all the instructions, I'm just going to refer you to her post. Find instructions HERE. {NOTE: we did NOT end up using the safety pins to pin the ribbon together, just hold it together, it works fine...also, we found that the wreath looks more consistent if you use a zig-zag pattern on the wreath form, going from the inside to the outside and back put one inside, one in the middle, one on the outside, back to the middle, then the inside, get the idea.}. If you want some pictures, HERE is another tutorial with the same idea she just didn't make hers as full as we did. {Let me know if you have any questions}

My only addition is to make sure you count your loops {6-8 works best} and make them approx the same size so your wreath looks uniform. Here is a close up of the zip ties. As you can see, if you leave them a little "loose" you are able to adjust the loops before you tighten them up and make it "final". 

Because it turned out SO cute in the burlap, I decided to try it in this awesome mesh. {purchased at Hobby Lobby}. You will need 2 of these {60 feet} total to make it full like mine.

You use the same idea to make this one, EXCEPT you need about 12 loops in each section of the wreath form. It will seem like it's not full enough, but when you are finished it will be. I added a big piece of candy, a big green bow and a bunch of Christmas picks. {just secure everything with zip ties too}. I LOVE how it turned out!

Thanks Meagan for all the fun wreaths! Now go make you one....or ten! ;)

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