Monday, September 12, 2011

Easy Peasy Cards

So this weekend I was doing this instead of the many things that I need to be doing. I have needed thank you notes and birthday cards that weren't so girly. So Saturday I cut out 5 different colored stars and the craft brown paper backing with my Cricut and away I went. I think Liberty told me about this idea although I don't know if I ever saw the ones she did. These are simple and basic and didn't take all that long. I stamped the sentiment before hand just so I would have room for it. All I did, after I made them all look grungy with the stamp pad, was hold the stars on as I sewed across them. Since I was doing this assembly line style I just had everything next to me and ran them in one after the other. Here is a close up of the sewing. ( I came back and made an X on them for the second pass.)

I think it took me more time to pull the threads back in and tape them to the back.

I made these in a 3 1/2 x 5 inch card with the fronts only being 3 x 4 3/4, but they could be made for larger. I just have a million little envelopes from who knows where.

Just a bit of housekeeping for this site now. Liberty and I are at the point where we aren't going to be posting all the time. Mainly just when the mood suits us. We are at that part of life where it gets too busy and we have to let something go. I'm not saying we are never going to blog but we just aren't going to feel guilty about not doing it. Life is crazy that way. Hope you understand. We will probably use the blog as a filing place for our projects we make.


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