Friday, February 18, 2011

Ruffled Notebook Cover

I decided I NEEDED a notebook covered in cute fabric to keep all my crazy lists.  Plus they looked so cool online that I thought I might try it.  I didn't follow anyones blog on how to do the notebook cover.  I just decided I could measure like all the other tutorials out there on how to make a notebook or book cover.  Plus I think this is a project I have done before back in the day.  Anyway.  I made the stripe one with the cute polka dot out of material from my stash.  I thought I was pretty cool with the ruffle and the ribbon to close it and even a pen holder.  BUT then I saw this post on making a ruffled table runner and I fell in LOVE!!  I mean really that couldn't be that hard and I really thought I might have to try it again.  And

WAL-LA!  One of my friends had a birthday and I had the perfect opportunity to try out my technique and I LOVE the result.  Don't you think it is cute?

Now to make another one - now that I've worked out all the kinks.  I think Liberty would let me do one for her if I asked real nice.  If she gives me some material I'll make one to match her fancy new purse, and maybe even do a tutorial.  Really it doesn't take all that long, under an hour with minimal interruptions.


  1. What a fabulous notebook cover!! Please share a tutorial....I wanna make one too!!

  2. I LOVE it! YES, I want one. I will look for some matching fabric!! SO CUTE!



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