Friday, February 25, 2011

A late Valentine's entry

You would think that Valentine's is over, but in my book you can "celebrate" it or keep decorations up for it until March 1st.  AND SO, I thought I would post this cute picture of my baby in her Valentine's skirt.  Of course this could be done with any material for any type of skirt.

I found the idea on Homemade by Jill that was featured on Kojo Designs blog.  Only modification I did was to gather the material before I added it to the knit fabric waistband.  Okay and I used a cotton fabric instead of the denim and did a rolled hem on the bottom of it.  It turned out pretty cute and would have only taken me less then an hour if I didn't mess up on the waist band and make it too tight at first and then waaaaay to big the second time.  (It would have helped if the model wouldn't have been asleep when I was making it - but that is what that seam ripper is for.  It has to get it's work in sometime.)

I'm also blaming my late posting on a slew of computer problems we have had the last couple of weeks, along with a job change for Dave.  So there are my excuses take it or leave it.


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