Monday, August 23, 2010

In full bloom...still...

I've seen these flowers and flower headbands EVERYWHERE in blogland...find a tutorial HERE, HERE, HERE and HERE. {and a million more if you want them}. I've been wanting to make me some, but I have had so much to catch up on....Saturday night I finally took a few hours and spent some time making some for me. {it was really fun, and super easy}. Most of them don't require ANY sewing {for those of you that keep telling me you can't sew} grab your hot glue gun, some cute fabric and make some for yourself. {and when you do, post them to our flickr group, we would love to see what you are making}.

I decided to combine the above tutorials and use velcro, so I only made 3 headbands...and LOTS of flowers that can be interchanged!

Here is my 365 picture from yesterday, so you can see how they look in my hair. {not quite as much like a 12 year old....maybe?}


1 comment:

  1. I love the velcro idea!! Your headbands turned out adorable!



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