Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Another bag? ! ? . . . . let's call it a purse

I finally made my own purse.  I bought the fabric months ago . . . I think I bought it back in February.  It is the same fabric I used on my Spring Wall Hanging .  I fell in love with it and decided I was going to make a bag for myself.  Then life happened . . . 1st trimester sluggishness . . . birthday presents to make . . . other projects to make . . . LIFE.   I also wanted to wait until Liberty had figured out all the bugs in the pattern we had been using.  The bag turned out marvelous.  I used Liberty's hand bag tutorial as the basis for what I made.  I made the bag 20 inches wide (it is huge - but I'm going to need it with a baby on the way) and each of the pieces to make the front of the bag is 8 inches tall.  I decided also to conquer my fear of zippers and try a zipper pocket. 

I looked online and found a bunch of different tutorials.  But this is the one I found to be the easiest at Sew Mama Sew.  I took the old zipper out of my purse that was dying and put it in here (that is why it is pink).  I was quite impressed with how easy it was and quickly it came together.  I LOVE having it in my purse.  I always hate not having a zippered pocket for those things we like to hide.  Of course I made a million other pockets for things I don't really want to have floating around the bottom of my purse.

After I got done making this I decided to make a gathered clutch.  I used the tutorial on Noodlehead to make a matching clutch.  I made it really simple and instead of making the cardholder and divider I just added a simple one card pocket.  I'm not going to use it for a wallet, just to hold items that I don't want wandering around the bottom of my bag.  Like JoAnn's, Hobby Lobby and Kohl's coupons.

I still have some left over fabric . . . ummmm . . . what can I make????  A key fob, a matching diaper holder, a cover for my calendar. . . . the possibilities are endless.  But is that a bit to much matchy-matchy???



  1. I LOVE IT!!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!!!! Now I need one this size....oh, and I'm glad I could work out all the kinks for you! No problem! Super cute!! Next I'm going to tackle the zipper!

  2. I love the fabric you chose for this. Super cute. Love the pockets too! You can never have too many pockets.



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