Saturday, May 15, 2010

Teacher gifts - pretty aprons

I have been busy the last couple of weeks with sewing projects.  Although I haven't been posting all of them because I haven't had time. We have also had a lot of rainstorms which make for pretty crappy pictures and so I wait for a sunny or not so cloudy or windy day to take pictures.

I made these last week for my daughter's preschool teachers.  I have really appreciated all the hard work they do for her and the other kids in her class.  So I decided to do something fun for them and maybe a bit different then most mom's might do.  I know I have this cute butterfly fabric that I have used for other projects and so I cut out some aprons using Liberty's instructions.  I made them with different fabrics so if they choose to wear them at school they won't be exactly the same color.  My daughter got to pick what fabrics went to which teacher.  Pink for Mrs. M.  and Purple for Mrs. W.  Hopefully they will enjoy them and know of our appreciation for all their work.

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  1. Those are adorable! Those must be some pretty special teachers!!



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