Thursday, March 4, 2010

Welcome Spring!!!

I guess I am trying to get some more of those warm winter days around here and ward off the snow.  I needed to change out the Valentine wreath and this was the perfect spring/easter wreath to make.  Again I only used scraps around the house and it was done in less then an hour.  {It might have taken me longer since I was talking and helping some friends sew up birthday banners.} 
Easy as pie - all you need is scraps of fabric cut at 1" by 6", tulle cut at about 3" by 6" and a wire hanger bent into a circle.  Then tie, tie, tie until your done.  {Same as Valentine wreath}

Enjoy!!  And look we have sun!!!

The Girl Creative


  1. So pretty! I have lots of leftover fabric...I think I am going to make myself a wreath today :) Thanks for the idea!

  2. Sweet! I love how it looks and the idea of using up any scrap fabric or clothes the kids have outgrown or got stained. Happy Spring.



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