Monday, March 29, 2010

Twirly Spring Dress

It's done finally!!!  This has been in my to do list since the first time I saw this post, lucky for me my daughter didn't really know that I wanted to make it for her or she would have pestered me until it was finished.  I want her to have a new Easter dress every year (throw backs to my mom and always having a new dress at Easter time.)  So I finished this Saturday night late since Easter Sunday we won't be able to go to the church and our church was celebrating it this week.  I turned out okay but I don't love the top part.  I had to add the purple waistband to make it a little longer so she can wear it longer.

To make it I started with a pattern for the top.  I used the dress patern from McCalls 2590.  I bought mine at JoAnn's for less then a $1 I think.  I only used the top portion and the sleeves.  You could use any dress pattern you like and make a pattern from it or use a different pattern top.  I had to adapt it my use.  Instead of using a zipper I added a couple of inches to make the buttons in the back.  For the ruffles I used the width of the fabric rather then doing 1 1/2 times the measurement around the waist.  It made it really full by the time I got to the last row.  I was being lazy and didn't want to sew the edges, I just used the selvedge edges.
Here is about how I did it.
Row 1: 1  4 Inches high and then the width of fabric (WOF)
Row 2: 2 WOF
Row 3: 3 WOF
Row 4: 5 WOF
Row 5: 8 WOF

For gathering I did a zigzag across a string that wouldn't break.  It was a ton of gathering.  But it made it so fun to twirl in. . .

I figured out how to make the flowers by using this tutorial at LIttle Birdie Secrets.  The flower on the dress is made with 4 inches and 22 inches and the one in her hair is 2 inches by 22 inches.

Hope you enjoy!!



  1. This turned out darling!!! Way to go. I want to make one for me!


  2. I love it! Your little girl looks absolutely darling in it and she'll be beautiful on Easter Sunday.

  3. How cute!! You did a great job!

    Thanks for linking @Creative Itch's "Sew Cute Tuesday"!!



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