Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Fabric Handle cover for pan tutorial

This is something I made a couple of weeks ago when I finished this tote for my husband.  I figured since it was a fire resistant material I could make a handle cover to replace the one that was ruined. Here is what the one I have looks like.

So I went to work making a pattern (really hard - I traced the shape onto the fabric.)  Then I cut out 4 of the green material and 2 pieces of the Insul-Bright Lining fabric. (Shown here is one side only - you need to make two sets.)

Sew the three layers together at the end - (this gives it a finished edge at the opening.)

Then iron and sew the 3 layers together with the outside of your fabric on the outside. . . does that make sense??  Here is a picture. . .

Sew a couple of stitches up the center to secure the insulation and make it look decorative.
Then repeat for the other side.

Now for the hard part. . . My machine is a good machine and can sew over many layers of fabric but this time it was waaaay too much to handle as you neared the opening and so don't look too closely at the opening because there was nothing going to let me through that fabric.  I broke one needle and didn't want to break another trying.  You have to sew both layers together and then turn it inside out. . . ugh. . . it took me forever to get it to turn.  The fabric was so stiff and it was now too many layers to turn.  But I kept going until it was finally turned.  And wa-la, I had a new fabric handle cover for my pans. 

It works marvelously and I love it.  Of course I wouldn't choose green on my own but maybe next time his pants or old work shirts are replaced I might be able to make one out of blue or brown.  They might match the decor of my house better.  Mostly a utilitarian function since I have more then one pan with metal only handles and I don't want it to burn on my gas stove if it were a pretty fabric with no fire resistant properties.

Hope you enjoyed this tutorial. 

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  1. Visiting from the girl creative...that pan handle cover is brilliant!



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