Tuesday, May 7, 2013

FINALLY!! Something crafty from me...A Teacher Gift!

I finally got to do something crafty. I wanted something for my son's choir teacher. She is amazing. He loves choir and he will be leaving Jr. High and moving to High School this year, so I wanted to make her something special. I LOVE this quote from the last LDS General Conference. You can find the whole talk HERE. I really believe this...I have a {mostly} happy child who sings all the time!!

Amy helped me with the vinyl on her Silhouette. LOVE it! Thanks Amy. It was so fun to get to play for a few hours. The big one is 13x17, we cut the vinyl about 12x16. The little one is 7x10, we cut the vinyl about 6x9.



  1. Why haven't I seen this blog before, Liberty??? I love your signs...love the blog header (and the one on Amy's Project Life blog, too!)....it makes me want to get back into crafting like I used to!

  2. Child who sings is a happy child. Is man who sings a hppay man? Haha!




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