Sunday, May 15, 2011

Angry birds fun

Have you played the game yet?  My kids sure have. 

We were looking at some ideas I had for a possible birthday present for one of Kirsten's friends. But she had other ideas. She wanted to go shopping for her friend. So as we were looking Kirsten saw my link to Angry Birds Tutorial and wanted one. I was in a crafting/sewing lull and so it was a nice way to break up the almost non-existent crafting lately.

These are super cute and super easy. I didn't exactly follow the directions. BUT DO I EVER? Instead of making the eyes the way she suggested I just cut them out and sewed them on. I guess I had the chance they might not look right but the kids really didn't care. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Then when we had them both done, Kirsten started ordering the rest of the crew. I was using what fleece I had on hand and so there are no pigs (don't have green) and the rest are not made yet because the kids haven't really asked me for them.

Here are a couple more pictures.  I just thought the kids were cute playing with them.



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  1. So cute...I still need to look for green so you can make some pigs!



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