Friday, January 14, 2011

The TO DO List

I'm a list maker, always have been, always will be.  (It helps me not be so crazy.)  My husband tolerates it, my kids aren't aware of it yet, and my mom and sisters always tease me about it.  But it is just how I am.  So, since I am wanting to check something off my never ending list that I put up in my last post - I made these.  It was actually nice to get back into the craft room (no matter how messy it still is) and make something.  I have been on a hiatus because of vacation, birthday and Joy School preparation.  I spent a couple hours putting this together the other night and LOVE IT.

I thought of the idea after seeing Liberty's post on her Project 365 blog about her white board at Christmas.  She had all her Christmas TO DO's listed and had checked almost all of them off (or maybe it was all of them.)  Then I saw this POST at eighteen25 and remembered I had a couple of frames that I had picked up at our churches swap we have twice a year.  I decided I didn't need to spend money on a white board when I had these perfectly good glass frames to work with.  With a little fabric (from my stash), Ribbon (from my stash) and my Cricut machine I made these.  This picture is pretty fuzzy - probably the diffuse light I was getting from the hidden sun and the angle I was taking the picture at.  {This room is on the side of my house where you don't get that much sunlight.} 

I used the cartridge Storybook for the lettering and the scrollwork behind it.  The scroll work is number 7 with the Tall/Border option on.  The letters are the standard using the shadow behind them.  I think they turned out pretty cute.  {I'm pretty embarrassed that my list are on there and you can see the number of things I want to do - but that is how I am.}

Here are some better pictures of the frames individually.


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  1. I LOVE this would keep me so much more organized with all of my "To Do's"! Thanks for sharing!



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