Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Really....I do feel like I am falling.....farther and farther behind.....I've got to catch up.... I have hardly done anything "creative" this fall....

I did make this wreath this morning. I found the idea HERE.

Just to get your CREATIVE JUICES going....or maybe mine....I pulled out some of my projects from last year, and I thought I would share some cute fall decorating ideas.....First of all, get some vinyl. It's super easy to decorate with and very inexpensive! I cut mine out with my Cricut.

Trick-Or-Treat Blocks {Designed my me} Using 2x4 Scraps and Scrapbook paper

Next you can make a "Happy Haunting" sign...From again with scrap 2x4's. {don't ever throw out your scraps!!}

Then you can add cute spiders to your walls.....

Or, if you want more wood....make pumpkins out of 4x4 fence posts.... Just paint orange and attach stems {branches} and raffia. Super fast and easy.

And, if you are feeling very adventurous....and want to sew here are a few sewing projects....

Fabric Pumpkins found at THE IDEA ROOM

Or a Halloween Table runner....{tutorial found HERE}

Or maybe a cute fall wall hanging....

Hope you have been inspired to use your creativity!!!

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