Monday, July 19, 2010

More Activity Bags...and Pattern information

I made a few more of these fun activity bags and thought I would included the pattern pieces for your information. The bags go together very similar to this tote bag tutorial, except the pockets are on the outside {instead of inside} of the bag. I'm sorry I don't have any pictures, I know Amy is making one so I will have her take pictures as she goes and we will add them later. Please contact one of us is you are confused.

MAIN BAG FABRIC: {half of the outside will be covered with the pockets}

CUT 2 - 13"x14" for main bag
CUT 2 - 13"x14" for inside lining
CUT 2 - 13x14" Fleece to line bag

CUT 4 - 14"x4" - for sides {2 are lining}
CUT 2 - 13"x4" - for bottom {1 is lining}


CUT 4 - 13"x7" for pockets {2 of these can be lining fabric}
CUT 2 - 13"x2" for top of pockets
CUT 4 - 4"x7" for side pockets (two of these can be lining fabric}
CUT 2 - 4"x2" for top of side pockets
OPTIONAL: Line outside pockets with thin flannel for more stability, if desired cut 2-13"x7" and 2-4"x7" of flannel.


CUT 2 - 24" x 6" for handles
CUT 2 - 24"x 2" FLEECE to line handles

OPTIONAL: I included a pocket inside from scraps that were left over. Mine was about 6"x5".

I'm sorry I don't have any pictures of the process....I was trying to hurry so fast, I forgot to take any. We will add them as soon as possible, but here are a couple of finished bags.


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