Friday, June 11, 2010

Ruffly Shirt

I like wearing t-shirts, but I don't like to look like I'm in a plain old I LOVE these tutorials from Made by Lex. {she has lots of other good ones!} I just used a t-shirt that already I didn't have to cut it down. I wanted to end up with 2 shirts, bought 3 pink shirts and used the extra 3rd one to cut up and add the ruffles to the other two.

I used some of the strips {about 1 1/2" wide} and made rosettes for the front of the shirt. Just ruffle up the strip a little {see below} and then start in the middle and roll up your rosette. Don't make it too tight, or it won't lay flat on the shirt. I sewed on the "hearts" first and then hand stitched the rosettes in place.

{the little circle in the middle is the trim from the other shirt, I just rolled it up and hand stitched it together}


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