Sunday, December 22, 2013

A little "dirty" {Non-Alchoholic} Diet Coke Gift

Have you heard of a "dirty" Diet Coke? I had been hearing all about them in blog land and then found a recipe online. I posted about it on my recipe blog a while back HERE and I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Seriously, SO good! {yes, I'm totally addicted and for now it's ok}.

Anyways, I was invited to a "favorite things" Christmas party and what could be more perfect than a "dirty" Diet Coke basket so I could share my addiction with someone else? Fortunately for me I found someone who I could copy. I got this idea from Thirty Handmade Days and she includes the printable and all the instructions! {I just printed it from her blog}.

I didn't paint the CD crate {although that would be cute too}, I just found a cute basket for 70% off at Michael's.

It was SO easy and turned out super cute.



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  2. I do not like diet sodas, it's not as delicious as the regular type.
    But from this article maybe I should start trying to drink and like the kind of sugar zero.


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